BS/MD Client Spotlight: Dia Shah


This year, our BS/MD clients have been accepted in a range of schools.  Please visit our BS/MD Admissions Advisors – 2019 Acceptances.

This year, our spotlight client is:  DIA SHAH.

Dia_Shah_RPI_Albany_Med_Syosset_Jericho_High_Dr_Paul Lowe_BS_MD_Admissions

Dia hails from Jericho, Long Island New York and attended Jericho High School.  Dia was accepted to RPI/Albany Medical College BS/MD program.

Like many of our clients, Dia is an academically and scholastically top student who shadowed, volunteered, researched and was involved in several extracirricular activities.

As with all of our BS/MD applicants, Dr. Lowe and his team worked closely with Dia and her parents to:  (1) develop admissions strategies and expand her student profile, (2) review her college personal statement, supplemental essays and secondary applications, (3) conduct multiple mock interview sessions, (4) coordinate college/BSMD campus visits, (5) develop post-application submissions strategies, and (6) add our WOW-Factor/Stand Out strategies.

Dr. Lowe and his team also obtains specialized knowledge about individual BS/MD programs by continually visiting these programs and talking with directors of admissions; this knowledge helps his clients stand out amongst other applicants.   The result: Acceptance to a BS/MD program.

We congratulate Dia and her parents!  Dia is on the road to fulfilling her dream and we can technically call her: “Dr.” Dia Shah, “MD”.  We know that Dia will be an excellent and compassionate medical doctor.

Here is a testimonial written by Dia’s mother, Krupa Desai: “Dr Paul Lowe helped my daughter, Dia Shah, throughout the BS/MD application and undergraduate college admission process.  He assisted her with interview prep and helped her with brainstorming her essays.   Dr Lowe is prompt with his feedback while we navigated this process. We are very happy and satisfied with his services and will highly recommend him.”

“Admissions is a competitive sport!  Why gamble with uncertainty?” – Dr. Paul Lowe

“We provide our clients access to our specialized knowledge!” – Dr. Paul Lowe

Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe is the managing director of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group network.  He and his team of admissions advisors, through the admissions affiliate, BS/MD Admissions Advisors, help high school students get accepted to BS/MD programs.  Summer Camp:  BS/MD Application Boot Camp