Dr. Paul Lowe discusses Katy Independent School District


Katy (Texas) Independent School District contains 8 high schools. Over the past 4 years, MANY parents of high school students have contacted us regarding our college and BS/MD admissions advisory services. Dr. Paul Lowe and his team have worked with students from:

  • Seven Lakes High School
  • Tomkins High School
  • Cinco Ranch High School
  • Taylor Ranch High School

Despite the fact that they are all excellent high schools, MANY parents contact Dr. Lowe because they mentioned that because of the size of the school, school counselors are either unable to provide continuous weekly or biweekly individualized college and/or BS/MD admissions services to each student. The senior class size for some of these schools exceed 600 students.

We are happy to report that our clients from these schools were accepted to their top-choice colleges and universities!

Please review Dr. Lowe’s blogs as to why parents contact him re: college and BS/MD admissions:


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