College Admissions Officers Are Checking Applicants’ Social Media Profiles

So you thought that your Instagram, tweet or Facebook Youtube, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch were safe?  Think again!  What about the posts of your friends?

According to a recent Kaplan Test survey that polled nearly 300 college admissions officers, 36% of them looked at applicants’ social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to learn more about the applicant.  When my team and I visit schools and have discussions with admissions they do admit that they review applicants’ social media platforms.

So, do colleges look at social media? Yes. In fact, what students post on social media can greatly affect not only acceptance odds but they can get acceptances revoked if unsuitable and offensive materials are found. When Harvard discovered offensive material being posted to a group chat by incoming freshman, it rescinded acceptance  letters to 10 accepted applicants!

Because Ivy League and highly selective colleges and universities receive so many qualified applications, they’re typically looking at social media to see if it tips the scales in anyone’s favor.  So be careful!

So the question you need to ask is does my social media profile affect college decision outcomes?  What do you think?

We provide a social media review and analysis (SMRA) for our clients.

“Year after year, I hear the horror stories from parents whose kids got in nowhere because they thought the college admissions race was just about grades, SAT scores, their perceived  ‘unique’ applications, generic essays and perfect connections.” – Dr. Paul Lowe

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Admissions is a competitive sport!  Why gamble with uncertainty? – Dr. Paul Lowe

We provide our clients access to our specialized knowledge! – Dr. Paul Lowe

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