Are You Ready For College Admissions 2017-2018?

Summer is here. The gaokao is over. And that means it’s time for many students to start their college application planning. Many students will start visiting colleges across the globe. As you visit schools, I recommend that you really try to get a good sense of how you feel about each college campus. This will help you to narrow down what will become your top choice schools. As you near the pinnacle of your college admissions journey, you should celebrate this portion of your journey.

As you visit colleges, take the tours; learn as much about the environment, where you may ultimately be spending four years of your life. Be sure you are comfortable in the surroundings. Do the colleges and universities to which you plan to apply have broad categories of courses that interest you?

Keep an open mind as you plan this next step in your educational journey. If you are applying to Ivy League and highly selective colleges, remember that the admissions committees scrutinize an entire student profile and use a holistic as well as team approach in selecting applicants for their incoming classes.  Academic criteria are important to their selective process, however, they look at far more than test scores and grades.  Their goal is to assemble a diverse, well-rounded freshman class, and that means admitting exceptional individuals of all types.