Why You Should Attend A Top Law School

Top US Law Schools Dr Paul Lowe
My team and I visited all of the T-14 law schools and also lesser tier schools. We conducted a survey with students from the T-14 schools and students from lower-tier law schools.

Here are four reasons why you should attend a top law school:

Career Choice: Some parts of the legal profession are virtually off-limits to graduates of lesser tier law schools.  These include the major corporate law firms and high-profile government jobs as well as public interest organizations.  The most desirable employers to work for, such as the major corporate firms, prefer to recruit from to law schools as they view that the best and the brightest are to be found at the world’s leading law schools.

Status:  This reason speaks for itself.  We live in a society where brand  (and status) matters! Whether for personal or business reasons, being a graduate of Yale or Harvard conjures up entirely different perceptions, impressions and reactions among people you encounter than does being a graduate of “Acme” Law.  Status reflects the fact that Yale or Harvard admits only people who are highly regarded to begin with.

Career Flexibility:  The top law schools offer substantial geographic mobility to their graduates. Whereas lesser schools place few of their graduates outside their city or region, the top schools invariably send many of their graduates to firms across the country (and the world).

Alumni Network:  The alumni network and your own personal network from law school will also be important determinants of your ability to switch  to other law firms or other industries. With a strong network willing to help you, your chances are automatically better.

In a Forbes article entitled:  Why Law School Rankings Matter More Than Any Other Education Rankings:  “The T14’s dominance has created a year-after-year, self-fulfilling prophecy, where students covet these top institutions, the best professors desire to teach at these institutions, and law firms choose to hire from these institutions, essentially ensuring that the same group will remain the T14 for years to come.  Employers admit that JDs from the T14 will be welcomed at law firms across the nation, while graduates of even the next best schools (like UCLA or Texas, perennially ranked between 15-20) will be much better off sticking to local markets.”

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“Admissions is a competitive sport!  Why gamble with uncertainty?” – Dr. Paul Lowe

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