30 Celebrities Who Are Ivy League Graduates – Undergrad


Have you ever imagined which celebrities attended Ivy Leagues as undergraduates and graduated?

They studied hard (aced their courses), took AP exams and SATs, participated in extracurricular activities and applied Early Decision or Regular Decision. There applications were reviewed by admissions committees and they accepted! And some have graduated summa or magna cum laude!


Here is a list of 30 celebrities who are Ivy League graduates (undergraduate):

  1. Elizabeth Banks (Penn)
  2. Angela Bassett (Yale)
  3. Julie Bowen (Brown)
  4. Connie Britton (Dartmouth)
  5. Dean Cain (Princeton)
  6. Anderson Cooper (Yale)
  7. David Duchovny (Princeton)
  8. Jodie Foster (Yale)
  9. Maggie Gyllenhaal (Columbia)
  10. Ed Harris (Columbia)
  11. Rashid Jones (Harvard)
  12. Colin Jost (Harvard)
  13. Ashley Judd (Harvard)
  14. Mindy Kaling (Dartmouth)
  15. Ellie Kemper (Princeton)
  16. John Krasinski (Brown)
  17. John Legend (Penn)
  18. Wentworth Miller (Penn)
  19. Edward Norton (Yale)
  20. B.J. Novak (Harvard)
  21. Bill Nye (Cornell)
  22. Conan O’Brien (Harvard)
  23. Natalie Portman (Harvard)
  24. Shonda Rhimes (Dartmouth)
  25. Tracee Ellis Ross (Brown)
  26. Brooke Shields (Princeton)
  27. Jenny Slate (Columbia)
  28. Julia Stiles (Columbia)
  29. Aisha Tyles (Dartmouth)
  30. Emma Watson (Brown)

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