Top Private Universities for High-Paying Jobs in Finance 2023


According to Burning Glass Institute, a nonprofit that researches employment trends, graduates from top universities who go into finance earn higher salaries than other schools’ graduates in the field.

Six of the eight Ivy League schools are ranked in the top 100 private schools for finance salaries.


Here is the list of top 10 private universities/colleges.

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology$48,0514.09%
2Harvard University$39,8798.84%
3Princeton University$39,0949.75%
4University of Pennsylvania$39,09212.65%
5Dartmouth College$37,7689.02%
6Yale University$34,1488.58%
7Columbia University in the City of N.Y..$33,35410.22%
8Duke University$32,5687.80%
9Middlebury College$32,3266.68%
10University of Chicago$31,8337.69%

What does this mean? It matters where you attend college!


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