Top Advantages of Being Accepted to BS/MD Programs

Top BS/MD Programs

High school students who are interested in a medical career should consider combined BS/MD programs. Many of these medical school-from-high school pathways reduce the overall number of years students will spend studying to become a medical doctor.

If you are certain that your child wants to be a physician, why wait? You may want your child to consider the accelerated BS/MD option that guarantees acceptance into medical school after college.

Many of these specialized programs don’t even require the MCATs so students don’t have to worry about studying or registering for MCAT prep courses. Because students in these programs already know that they are admitted to medical school, they can pursue a major of interest rather than a “traditional” premed major although they will have to take basic premed courses: organic chemistry, biology physics and other courses.  There is also the financial aspect.  It cost thousands of dollars to apply to medical school:  MCAT prep courses, visiting medical schools, unpaid internships and application fees.  In addition depending on the program if it’s a 7-year med program, you could save as much as $100,000.

Of course, one of the great advantages that I observe with our BS/MD admissions clients is that in their senior year in high school they know that they can be called “Dr.”


Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe is the managing director and lead admissions expert at Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group‘s BS/MD Admissions Advisors.