Class of 2025 Admissions Rates – Ivy League and Highly Competitive Colleges/Universities


In an April 7th Washington Post article: Applications Boom, Admit Rates Plummet: Prestige College Admissions Get a Little Crazier in the Pandemic the following was stated “The chase for the Ivy League and other prestige colleges…grew a few degrees more frenzied during the coronavirus pandemic as applications soared and admit rates plummeted to, in some cases, crazy-low single digits. On Tuesday, the eight private universities “identified with the brand of the climbing vine released admission decisions for the entering fall class.”

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, even during economic uncertainty and even with the effect of fewer international students applying to US colleges and universities, Ivy League schools still maintain their brand and value. In one of my blogs, “Why Attend an Ivy League University ?“, I addressed the value of an Ivy League education.

For students who were waitlisted or even rejected, now is the time to discuss off-waitlist strategies or re-application strategies as a transfer student. College Transfer Admissions

Here are some of this year’s total admissions rates for Ivy League and some of the highly selective colleges and universities:

  • Boston College:  18.9%
  • Boston University:  18.3%
  • Brown University:  5.4%
  • Columbia University:  3.7%
  • Cornell University:  8.6%
  • Dartmouth College:  6.2%
  • Duke University:  5.7%
  • Harvard University:  3.4%
  • Johns Hopkins University: 7.4%
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology:  4%
  • New York University:  12.8%
  • Princeton University:  3.9%
  • Stanford University: TBA
  • Swarthmore College:  8%
  • Tufts University: 11%
  • University of Chicago:  TBA
  • University of Pennsylvania:  5.7%
  • University of Southern California: 13%
  • University of Virginia:  20.6%
  • Yale University:  4.6%

This year, 93% of our clients were accepted to one or more of their top-three choice colleges /universities including the Ivies and highly selective colleges and universities. 


“Admissions is a competitive sport!  Why gamble with uncertainty?” – Dr. Paul Lowe

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Dr. Paul Lowe, Admissions Expert

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