Boston University (SMED) 7-Year BS/MD Program

Boston University (SMED) 7-Year BS/MD Program

The 7-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education (SMED) program at Boston University is a combined medical program where students spend the first three years at Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences then four years at Boston University School of Medicine.


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Boston University SMED Facts:

  • Students must complete all requirements of the College of Arts & Sciences and the Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education Program by the end of the spring semester of the third year to be eligible for promotion to the School of Medicine.
  • Minimum 3.20 GPA during the program for promotion to the medical school.
  • MCAT requirement (achieve 80th percentile) for promotion to the medical school.
  • Open to international and H-4 visa students/applicants.
  • Overall acceptance rate: 4%

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