Brown PLME: Early Decision Results


This year, we have had an increased number of clients applying to direct BS/MD programs. Few of our clients, by their choice, decided to apply to Brown Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) because they felt that ED may be too restrictive. We respect our clients’ choices!

Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) reported: From a pool of 2,530 ED applicants, 88 students were admitted to PLME.

We are happy to report Dr. Lowe and his team’s results. Here are the results of our 8 clients who applied to Brown PLME Early Decision:

  • 5 were admitted to the College and PLME
  • 1 was rejected from PLME, but admitted to the College
  • 1 deferred from PLME to regular decision
  • 1 rejected from PLME (College and PLME), but was accepted Early Action to MIT

Brown University: “PLME applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a video portfolio as part of the application process. The video portfolio provides a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about you.” 

This year, Dr. Lowe and his admissions team partnered with the affiliate website: College Admissions Video Productions and successfully advised their clients in developing amazing video portfolios!


High school juniors who are considering BS/MD programs, please read my blog – High School Juniors: Time to Get Serious About BS/MD Plans.

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