Early Action and Early Decision Dates for 2019-2020 College Applicants

It’s the 2019-2020 Early Decision and Early Action season!   Competition to Ivy League and highly selective college remain high.  Therefore, expect many applicants with high SAT/ACT scores, high grades and seemly perfect applications and personal statements to be rejected or deferred to the regular decision pool.

Here are some early decision and early action notification dates for Ivy League and highly selective colleges and universities:

  • Barnard College:  Mid-December
  • Boston College:  December 5 (EA I)
  • Boston University:  December 15
  • Brown University:  Mid-December
  • Cal Tech:  Mid-December
  • Carnegie Mellon University:  December 15
  • Columbia University:  December 12
  • Cornell University:  December 12
  • Dartmouth University:  Mid-December
  • Duke University:  December 15
  • Georgetown University:  December 15
  • Hamilton College:  December 15
  • Harvard University:  Mid-December
  • Johns Hopkins University:  December 13
  • MIT:  December 14
  • New York University:  December 15 (ED I)  February 14 ED II)
  • Northwestern University:  Mid December
  • Notre Dame University:  Mid-December
  • Princeton University:  December 12
  • Stanford University:  By December 12
  • Swarthmore College:  By December 15
  • Tufts University:  Mid-December
  • University of Michigan:  By December 24
  • University of Pennsylvania:  December 16
  • Yale University:  December 16



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