New Report Indicates That Many Public High School Students Lack Quality College Counseling

High school Counselor overwhelmed Dr Paul Lowe Admissions Advisor

In my blog. “High School Guidance/Counselors/College Admissions: Big Caseloads and Little Time“,  I discussed the challenging demands of high school guidance and college admissions.  Since then, a new report has indicated that public high school students lack quality college counseling.

The Hechinger Report states that  “many public high schools are scrambling to provide students with even basic information about college after years of belt tightening have drained them of counselors. As a result, “support is scant” for most students: “Counselors are overwhelmed and college guidance often doesn’t begin until late in junior year.”


The American School Counselor Association recommends a student-to-school counselor ratio of 250-to-1.  The most recent data available from the National Center for Education Statistics indicates that most states are significantly higher ratio. The only states with lower rates are Wyoming (225), New Hampshire (220) and Vermont (225).  These ratios demonstrate that guidance counselors are overwhelmed and do not have the time to provide adequate college counseling in an increasingly competitive college admissions environment.

Year after year, my team and I discover that even in public high schools in “affluent” suburban areas, their guidance departments are overwhelmed.  They not only spend the majority of their time on school activities unrelated to college admissions, but also are unable to provide personalized, one-to-one college admissions counseling to each student.  In the Northeast, we have seen this trend in such counties as Fairfield (CT), Westchester (NY), Northern New Jersey, and Nassau (Long Island).

“Admissions is a competitive sport!  Why gamble with uncertainty?” – Dr. Paul Lowe

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