Harvard University Produces Wealthy Alumni

It’s college admissions time for rising seniors and I am now hearing from parents, high school guidance counselors and independent educational counselors state that it doesn’t matter where you attend college, as long as where you attend is a “good fit”.

Based on the fact that we live in a capitalistic and democratic society where money, prestige, status and brand matter, I disagree with this opinion. I published two blogs on this subject two years ago.  Does It Really Matter Where You Attend College? Absolutely! (2017)  Intellectual Wealth and Education (2017)

According to The University Ultra High Net Worth Alumni Rankings 2019, a recent study by Wealth-X, a leading global wealth information, research-intelligence and insight firm that tracks global wealth, there is a direct relationship between where you attended college and wealth. The study is based on research on wealth estimated wealth of (Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) alumni by alma mater.

Six out of eight Ivy League universities were featured in the top 20 list of U.S. universities for UHNW alumni. Each of the top 20 global universities on the ranking had at least 2,000 UHNW alumni, and the top five had more than 3,000. Ultra-high-net-worth is defined by Wealth-X as those with a net worth of greater than $30 million.

According to the most recent rankings, Harvard has more than 13,650 estimated UHNW alumni worth $4.769 trillion.


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