Ivy League Early Applications Increase


This week seniors received their application decisions! What was discovered is that the the number of early applications had soared as compared to last year.

I recall at one of my webinars that several parents surmised that the numbers would decrease as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the expected decrease in international applicants. I disagreed! Based on our analysis, we know that the Ivies’ brands soar in tough times.

Let’s take colleges that just released their early admissions results. Harvard had 10,086 application and accepted 747; last year 6,424 applicants and admitted 895. Brown University‘s early application rose by 22%, 23% at UPenn, 29% at Dartmouth and 49% at Columbia. From, time to time I have heard parents, high school counselors and even fellow educational consultants state that “it doesn’t really matter where you attend college as long as it’s a good fit“. Really! These numbers or increase percentages speak otherwise!

Now what, may you ask accounts for the soar in early applications? Here’s a blog that I wrote: Why Your Child Should Apply to an Ivy League College or University. and another blog: Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education U.S. College Rankings 2021.

What does this mean for students who were deferred? They are now in the regular application pool and it’s going to be even more competitive! Since you are in the larger pool, you will need to continue to attempt to standout and distinguish yourself from other applicants who were deferred and regular decision applicants. Our firm we provides “Post-Application Submission Deferred Strategies”.

“Admissions is a competitive sport!  Why gamble with uncertainty?” – Dr. Paul Lowe

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