College Admissions – Teacher Recommendations


Teacher recommendations are an important part of the college admissions process. Many colleges and universities require two teacher recommendations.


Letters of recommendation should be from teachers who have taught you in core academic subjects in your junior or senior year. Ideally, they should be from different core subject areas and from teachers who know you well, like you, and are likely to write well. From my discussion with admissions officers, colleges are more interested in obtaining teacher recommendations from instructors that describe your abilities, performance and motivation of success in their classroom and your willingness to work hard as a learner. My discussion with several Ivy League admissions officers revealed that they use teacher recommendations to add a more subjective and personal perspective to their assessment of your qualifications, which can reveal aspects of your personality that don’t always come out on paper.

You should approach your teachers in the early spring of your junior year, or, if you are asking senior teacher, early in the fall of your senior year not only to to give them sufficient time to write the letter, but also because many teachers set limits on how many students they are able to accommodate.


We developed customized steps, our Winning Recommendation Strategies (WRS) for each client so that they obtain excellent teacher recommendations from the right teachers! We are confident that our client’s teachers will write enthusiastically supportive letters of recommendations!

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Dr. Paul Lowe, Admissions Expert

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