2020 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings

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The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Ranking 2020 was just released.  Harvard is number one again (Harvard Produces Wealthy Alumni)!  Of the top ten schools, six are Ivy League universities.  Dartmouth College (12) and Cornell University (11) are not in the top 10, but are in the top 20.  With their rarefied, global social alumni networks, door-opening reputations, and superior academics, it isn’t surprising that the schools mentioned are all brand-name institutions.

 The rankings emphasize how well a college will prepare students for life after graduation.  The overall ranking is based on 15 factors across four areas:  Outcomes, Resources, Engagement and Environment.   Each school’s overall score is determined by student outcomes (including a measure of graduate salaries), the school’s academic resources, how well it engages students and from the diversity of the students and staff.  The U.S. College ranking is also partly based on the results of the Times Higher Education US Student Survey, which gathered the views of about 200,000 current university students in 2017 and 2018 to find out about their engagement with their studies, their interaction with their teachers and their satisfaction with their experience.

My team and I personally visit top colleges three times annually to understand each of their ever changing and unique admissions policies as well as the campus environment.   As a result, we garner insider-knowledge to help our clients achieve admissions success. (Why Dr. Paul Lowe Visits College Campuses).  This ranking is very accurate!

THE TWENTY:  Schools that achieved the highest overall scores in the ranking:

1.  Harvard (Dr. Lowe Visits Harvard) | (Harvard University Produces Wealthy Alumni)

2.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

3.  Yale University 

4.  University of Pennsylvania

5.  California Institute of Technology

5.  Princeton University

7.  Brown University 

7.  Stanford University

9. Cornell University

10  Duke University

11.  Northwestern University

12.  Dartmouth College

12.  Johns Hopkins University

14.  University of Chicago

15.  Columbia University

16.  Rice University

17.  Vanderbilt University

18.  University of Southern California

19.  Washington University in St, Louis

20.  Amherst College

Parents and students often use ranking as a resource and reference.  Why would you have ranking if it doesn’t really matter? Our blog: Does it Matter Where You Attend College?  Absolutely!




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