College Admissions: Are You Checking Your Social Media Profile?


It should be common knowledge by now that using social media to display bad behavior or less-than-insightful opinions is easily discoverable. Yet incidents such as these still occur.  


Your social media profile is an important part of your college admissions journey.  According to a Kaplan Test survey that polled nearly 300 college admissions officers, 36% of them looked at applicants’ social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to learn more about the applicant. 


When my team and I visit schools and have discussions with admissions they do admit that they review applicants’ social media platforms.  In fact, what students post on social media can greatly affect not only acceptance odds but they can get acceptances revoked if unsuitable and offensive materials are found. When Harvard discovered offensive material being posted to a group chat by incoming freshman, they rescinded acceptance letters to 10 accepted applicants!  And in 2019, Harvard rescinded its admission offer to a student who had made racist remarks in private chats and Google Docs two years earlier.

Even if you believe your social media posts are private, think twice about posting questionable entries, even if you’re just trying to fit in or be funny.  College admissions officers will not laugh and you definitely won’t “fit in”.  Because Ivy League and highly selective colleges and universities receive so many qualified applications, they’re typically looking at social media to see if it tips the scales in anyone’s favor.  So be careful!

We provide a Social Media Review and Analysis (SMRA) as a part of our comprehensive service for our clients and assist them to develop positive social media profiles so that they can standout during the admissions selection process.


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