Town & Country’s – This Year’s College Admissions Horror Show – Dr. Paul Lowe’s Comment

Town & Country's - This Year's College Admissions Horror Show - Dr. Paul Lowe Comment

The article in Town & Country: “This Year’s College Admissions Horror Show” by Nicole Laporte discusses rejections and this year’s college admissions cycle.

Here are some statements in article:

  • “Certain private schools that used to have incredible admissions results have just been obliterated.”
  • “Classmates who’d also applied for early decision to the school were flat-out rejected.”
  • “For that [college admissions decisions] to be a bloodbath is not a good sign.”
  • “Although the main derby of admissions, “regular” decision, was still weeks away—those results started coming out in late March—the disheartening verdicts of the early rounds for many families this past season felt like a harbinger of what was to come, as well as confirmation of just how much more angst-ridden the reality of getting into college has become.”
  • “….parents suddenly feel a bit, well, helpless, unable to control something that was, if not controllable, then at least easier to game.”

But even under these conditions, our firm had AMAZING acceptances!  In fact, several of our clients were accepted to multiple Ivy League and highly selective colleges and universities and 97% acceptance into BS/MD programs.

How did we do it?

WE ARE THE BEST!:  We embrace Empirical Analytics by using data science, technology, client-case studies, campus-expert panels, our specialized knowledge, insight foresight, and over 23 years of experience to answer questions, navigate challenges, predict outcomes, and to help our clients make informed decisions that provide results-based admissions SUCCESS.

Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe, founder and managing director of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group, provides comprehensive counseling advice, exclusively for admissions to top private schools; Ivy League and highly-selective colleges/universities; BS/MD programs; graduate and medical schools and top visual and performing arts programs.   The admissions affiliate: Ivy League Admissions Advisors specializes in admissions to Ivy League and highly selective colleges,  Dr. Lowe also specializes in helping students who have been wait-listed, deferred or rejected gain admission into their top-choice schools: College Application Rejected. and student who wish to transfer to another college:  College Transfer Admissions Advisors