Adding Color To Your College Applications and Essays Matter


At Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group, we add COLOR to our clients’ profiles.  It’s what makes our boutique admissions advisory firm different!  COLOR makes you more visually appealing; it adds an attractive vitality and magnetic quality.  It gives you a more dynamic and harmonious appearance.

As a physician-scientist, admissions advisor and artist-COLORist, to me, COLOR is everything. It’s characteristics: hue, value and intensity make our clients’ profiles, applications and essays more interesting!  Adding COLOR, gives our clients a competitive admissions edge and makes them standout!   What do you need to be more COLORful?  It’s not just about ROYGBIV.  By adding COLOR, we make college and BS/MD applications and student-profiles more enjoyable to admissions officers and committees. 

Isn’t that what you want? COLOR


Color is one of the chief properties that gives objects their own individual  visual characteristics.  It makes a unique contribution to the appearance. The different hues, tones, shades, tints and value demonstrated in your essay allows our clients’ applications and essays to shine!

Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe, founder and managing director of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group, provides comprehensive counseling advice, exclusively for admissions to top private schools; Ivy League and highly-selective colleges/universities; BS/MD programs; graduate and medical schools and top visual and performing arts programs.