Hiring An Admissions Expert – One Less Thing To Worry About


It’s April and we are receiving calls and emails from parents whose children were rejected or placed on the or wait-list (which means that “we love your child, but we don’t have spot available today, tomorrow or perhaps never”) for Ivy League and highly selective colleges and universities and top private day and boarding schools.

When I ask the question: “Did you hire an admissions expert?”  The answer is always No!

It is surprising to me that these same parents may hire the best tutor for academic subjects, the best building experts for house repairs, the best soccer or lacrosse coach or the best hairstylist.  However, when it comes to their children’s educational future, which ultimately affects their future, they choose to make the decision that an admissions expert is unnecessary.

Benjamin Franklin famously advised “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  For those of you who tend to worry, here are the reasons why you should hire an admissions expert so that you don’t develop irreversible worry wrinkles or “the dreaded elevens”:

  • Admissions experts have personal and current specialized knowledge of what is happening at educational institutions because of their long-standing professional relationships with admissions departments and officers.
  • Admissions experts know that the devil is in the details; research, due diligence and thorough assessment are par for the course.
  • Admissions experts understand how to use an application as personal branding and marketing tool for your child’s admissions success.
  • Admissions experts understand the diplomacy, advocacy and strategic game plan are needed for admissions success.
  • Admissions experts understand and embrace the competitive nature of admissions process.
  • Admissions experts understand that valuable advice is investment in your child’s future, not an expense.
  • Admissions experts view admissions as a non-formulaic, competitive endeavor.  Admissions experts help your child achieve the goal they’ve worked on since childhood – acceptance into their top choice school.

The question that parents who are about to enter the admissions process should ask themselves:  Why worry?

Admissions is a competitive sport!  Why gamble with uncertainty? – Dr. Paul Lowe

We provide our clients access to our specialized knowledge! – Dr. Paul Lowe

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Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe, founder and managing director of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group, provides comprehensive counseling advice, exclusively for admissions to top private schools; Ivy League and highly-selective colleges/universities; BS/MD programs; graduate and medical schools and top visual and performing arts programs.