What Parents Need to Know to Succeed at College Admissions?

Parents call us to understand how my firm has a continual level of admissions success.  Why are our clients so happy the day decisions are released?  Let me explain.

We embrace Empirical Analytics by using data, technology, client-case studies, campus-expert panels, our specialized knowledge, and over 23 years of experience to answer questions, navigate challenges, predict outcomes, and to help our clients make informed decisions that provide results-based admissions success. 

Simply put, we are the best in the admissions advisory business!  No other admissions consulting firm, with our team make up, has the historical, experiential and cultural perspectives that allow our clients to consistently win at the college admissions game.  We share our perspectives and empirical analytics with our clients which gives them an admissions edge.


After all, isn’t admissions to Ivy League, highly selective college/universities and BS/MD programs a competition? 

College Admissions is a Competitive Sport.

Dr. Lowe and his team of diverse admissions experts provide unrivaled, unmatched and unparalleled admissions advisory and educational research services for their clients. Most importantly, you work DIRECTLY with Dr. Lowe and get the benefits of his entire team. By working with Dr. Lowe, one-on-one, you work with his reputation, his expertise, his experience and his success!