Navigating BS/MD Admissions: A New Playbook


Parents are facing the challenge of currently navigating the BS/MD admissions landscape. Incorrect decisions as to when, where and how to turn now results in shipwrecks: immediate rejection of their children after their years of planning. One incorrect extracurricular activity, one negative letter of recommendation, one incorrect sentence in an essay, one incorrect answer in an interview and one incorrect non-verbal cue and or perception will result in a REJECTION! It’s that competitive.

There are continuous fundamental shifts and uncertainty in BS/MD admissions. BS/MD programs are not just about high GPA and test scores, 3-5 page resumes, research and hours of shadowing. It’s now about the interrelated narrative of why you wish to be a doctor and how the student profile stands out, as well how it fits your narrative.

From what I have observed, parents are attempting to game the admissions landscape by using antiquated strategies from outdated books or visiting online communities which provide generic information. Even taking advice from last year’s accepted students can result in rejections!

The COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. economy, healthcare inequity, and student demographics and the number of BS/MD programs have changed the admissions landscape and even enrollment/admissions policies and goals at many schools. The recent closing of BS/MD programs is a testament to the changing landscape and will affect BS/MD admissions policies and goals.

  • Query: What’s the new playbook?
  • Query: With factors such as VOLATILITY, UNCERTAINTY, the UNFORESEEN and the UNEXPECTED what are parents to do?
  • Query: What are parents to do, after spending considerable years of time and money in attempting to secure a future for their child, when they now face sudden changes in the educational and admissions environment years?

ANSWER: Hire a BS/MD admissions advisor who is an expert! We are the NEW PLAYBOOK


Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe, founder and managing director of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group, provides comprehensive counseling advice, exclusively for admissions to top private schools; Ivy League and highly-selective colleges/universities; BS/MD programs; graduate and medical schools and top visual and performing arts programs.   The admissions affiliate: Ivy League Admissions Advisors specializes in admissions to Ivy League and highly selective colleges.  Dr. Lowe also specializes in helping students gain admissions to BS/MD programs:| BS/MD Admissions Guru BS/MD Admissions Advisors.